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Janet "JL" Wittenbraker

candidate for pima county board of supervisors - district 3

Meet Janet

For over 20 years now, I've been a proud Arizonan and while I love our community, we must face the undeniable reality that our local Government has failed to provide Pima County taxpayers with an acceptable return on investment.

As a graduate of Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and a seasoned professional with a successful career in various industries, I am prepared to make a significant impact as Pima County Supervisor, District 3.

I believe in listening to our hardworking citizens and addressing their concerns. By seeking their ideas and input, we can tackle critical issues. Together, we will improve the quality of life for every and all residents.

As your Supervisor, I will be the voice of all, working tirelessly to create a more prosperous, secure, and inclusive county. Join me in shaping a brighter future for Pima County — one that we can all be proud of.

The issues facing our community

and how we make our beautiful county better for all residents

rising crime

I am committed to tackling the challenge of rising crime head-on by advocating for comprehensive community policing initiatives, fostering stronger partnerships between law enforcement and residents, and investing in crime prevention programs, I will work tirelessly to create a safer environment for all.

Ending The
Border Crisis

The current Federal Administration and Secretary of Homeland Security have failed to secure the US border/Pima County border jeopardizing the safety of our county residents and increasing incidents of child trafficking, human enslavement, the influx of fentanyl and hindering legal migration.  As the Supervisor for District 3, I work closely with the Board of Supervisors, local and federal law enforcement, and the federal government to ensure proper vetting and immigration of those seeking asylum through legal migration.

Fix our failing infrastructure

Our community deserves resilient and efficient infrastructure. As your advocate on the Board of Supervisors and working together with the PAG and RTA, I will prioritize the repair and modernization of our roads, bridges, and utilities. By securing funding, implementing strategic planning, and leveraging innovative solutions, I will ensure that our infrastructure is not only functional but also poised for sustainable growth.

Attract economic growth

To foster economic growth, we need proactive leadership. I am dedicated to creating an environment that attracts businesses, encourages entrepreneurship, and supports job creation. Through strategic partnerships, streamlined regulations, and targeted investments, I will work to make Pima County a thriving hub for innovation and economic prosperity.

work with community leaders

Collaboration is at the heart of effective governance. I am committed to working closely with community leaders, local organizations, and residents to ensure that decisions reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of our district. By fostering an inclusive dialogue, we can build a stronger, more resilient community together.


Homelessness in our county represents problems to business owners, neighborhoods, and with Pima County's severe weather conditions it presents a safety concern to the homeless themselves. We must do better for this part of our community by addressing the root causes of homelessness while also considering the needs of residents and business owners.